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We R Native. Who R You? Summer Photo Contest

Submit your favorite summer time photo now through August 25th of you or your friends rocking We R Native gear, & take home a beaded We R Native medallion or up to $75.

Last Month's Winners!

'We R Native - Mind Your Mind'

1st position
Lindsay Melton

Stressed out? Angry? Sad? There is no Better way to help yourself then by helping others. If you are feelig down support those around you. To surround yourself with positive people calms the mind. I myself work with Troubled children and disabled adul... READ MORE »

1st position
Gabriella Boor

I go to my boxing gym to keep myself together when things are falling apart. The guys that run the gym are awesome and we blast loud music and joke around and workout! The guys are great and they really help me keep it together!

1st position
Brenden Dallas

When things start to fall apart im my life and when things get tough i go talk to my family! They are my biggest fans when it comes to sports, and my number One support when it comes to life! They help me with anything, when i need it! They are the on... READ MORE »