Monthly Contest

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This month's contest is closed, but check back in May for the chance to take home $75 and some WRN gear.

Last Month's Winners!

'Nature Selfie '

1st position

The environmental issue that is important to me is destruction of habitat for animals. Hunting is important to our culture. My name is Hunter and I am a hunter. I passed my safety course. I will be able to hunt for deer and elk, but they need forests ... READ MORE »

1st position

I am concerned about water. All of the water we will ever have on earth is in the water cycle. If the water gets polluted then the rain is polluted. Bad water will affect the fish, crabs, and other water animals. Our tribe is a fishing tribe so it is... READ MORE »

1st position

I have thought about my document and sat outside while writing it. I felt that if I was connected with the earth, then it would help me with it and it did. I knew what to exactly say. It was as if the Earth told me what to type. I am glad that it did.... READ MORE »