Alessandro Domebo

Alessandro Domebo, Coeur d’Alene, or as the ladies call him, “Sandro” comes all the way from Smoke Signals territory in Lapwai, Idaho. He is very involved with all different types of sports and shows tremendous leadership skills, serving as team captain and club president. He’s looking to continue his leadership role as an ambassador by promoting We R Native to his local community. In the community of Lapwai, he has already helped his fellow youth get a local skate park. Don’t let this young ambassador fool you, age (14 years) is just a number and Alessandro will be making some major moves this year for We R Native.

Alycia Mora

Alycia, Seminole Tribe of Florida, age 16, is from the sunshine state. She is passionate about educating those who are not aware of what tribal people go through and how we thrive. Alycia knows the goal of We R Native and wants to promote what we stand for…… She wants to be a part of a community bigger than her own and wants to help and change the lives of her peers for the better. Serving as a wing leader, Alycia shows great self-management skills. During her role, she accounted for the whole group and made sure they were on point! Some of her hobbies include sewing, beading, basket making, and talking with her elders. Welcome to the team, Alycia!

Ambrosia Snapp

Ambrosia Snapp, Burns Paiute, wants to be a catalyst for change across Indian country. She is passionate about bringing change to her community and others in order to help Native youth overcome the challenges and barriers they face every day. Together, she believes Native youth can make positive change. As a We R Native Ambassador, Ambrosia will continue the leadership work she has been doing already, including volunteering at community events, sitting on various committees, tutoring kids, and cultivating her leadership skills at several conferences. In fact, Ambrosia has already begun promoting We R Native and is excited to continue her work doing so over the next year. She wants to help connect Native youth from across the country, knowing that together, everyone can rise stronger and more powerful than ever.

Blossom Johnson

Blossom Johnson, age 23, comes to us from the Navajo Nation of the Southwest. She is very interested in community outreach projects and her new and fresh ideas will be a great influence to youth in her area. Blossom possesses the skill of protecting and igniting imaginations in her fellow youth. She is very passionate about theatre and wants to share it with her community. You can see this passion as Blossom has facilitated story dramas and recreational dramas to preschoolers. Her ability to work with youth will be a great asset to the We R Native. In her down time, she enjoys biking, walking, and hiking. Along with acting, she loves to direct. Please welcome, Blossom, to the team!

Brieanna Metcalf Donaldson

Brieanna Metcalf Donaldson, Port Gamble S’Klallam, will be quick to be the most outgoing person in the room. She is up for trying new things and becoming a WRN Youth Ambassador was on that list. While learning new skills as an ambassador, Brieanna will take this educational experience and continue to learn new and exciting things. Already involved in her communities’ Big Buddy program, she will continue to teach younger Native youth the positive effects of living a healthy lifestyle.

Brittany Bahe

Brittany Bahe, age 17, is part of the Navajo Nation from the Southwest. She is very passionate about sharing kindness and assistance to those who need it in her community. She believes whether people deserve it or not, everyone needs to be treated correctly. This belief is why We R Native is excited to welcome Brittany to the team. Brittany’s leadership skills shine through in her everyday life by interacting with others in a friendly, fun way. Some of her hobbies, other than sports, include reading, baking, and volunteering.

Cheyennena Bedonie

Cheyennena, Dine/Blackfeet/Powhatan, age 24, comes to us from the state of California. She plans to bring the youth together to become strong willed and strive for greatness—and we have no doubt that she will. Cheyennena is passionate about learning and knows that knowledge is power and unity will make our bond even stronger. She has strong leadership skills and shows that by being part of the Youth Council: UNYLA (United Native Youth of Los Angeles). In this youth council she helped organize an evening outing, which brought outreach to youth through cultural, spiritual, and an educational perspective. Her hobbies include dancing, socializing, singing at powwows, sewing, and just embracing the beauties of nature. We are glad to welcome Cheyennena to the We R Native team.

ChyAnne Schlappie

ChyAnne, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (OR), displays the pride she has in her tribe by getting involved. Through her role as a We R Native Youth Ambassador, she hopes to get other youth involved through her own friendliness, honesty, respect, responsibility, and integrity. ChyAnne has served on her school’s prom committee as one of only six students who put together the entire event. Her leadership has also been recognized with such honors as being selected as her clan’s team captain at Grand Ronde’s annual Camp Westwind. By the end of camp, she had led her team to victory. When ChyAnne isn’t working at school, you can find her working as a lifeguard, or playing softball, volleyball, and basketball. Be on the lookout for ChyAnne as she promotes We R Native to other youth in her own community and others.

Cierra Fields

Cierra, Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (OK), is one of three Champions from the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute. A melanoma cancer survivor, Cierra is a strong advocate in the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma to promote healthy lifestyles to reduce the risk of cancer. She is also big into cultural art and helping preserve her traditions through the making of traditional masks, dresses, and paintings. Cierra possess strong leadership skills and isn’t scared to stand up for what she believes in. For her, being a We R Native Ambassador means giving Native youth a sense of pride and showing them that resources are available and given the opportunity, Native Americans can come together as one. Don’t be surprised if you see Cierra on Capitol Hill in the future.

Daneen Richards

Daneen Richards, is part of the Burns Paiute Tribe. She is very involved with her community and school. Daneen is part of a leadership group at her high school where she helped planned her homecoming dance, as well as, helped planned homecoming events. She is part of key club and enjoys spending her time helping with elder’s breakfasts on her reservation. Her passion is to help prevent the use of alcohol and drug use among Native youth, not only in her community, but all of Indian Country. You may not know where Burns is, but you will sure know the work Daneen will be doing in the future.

Darina Louie

Darina Louie, Muckleshoot, is passionate about sharing her language with others in her community. It’s one of the many ways she contributes to her community. As a member of Native Americans Who Make a Change, Darina spends time making care packages for the homeless and foster children, cleaning roads on her reservation, and volunteering in the community. Darina will bring her outgoing and ever positive attitude to We R Native over the next year. Being a We R Native Ambassador will help Darina to continue the work she has already started while also improving her own skills to be a more effective leader in her community. Be on the lookout for her as she brings We R Native to others in her own community and others!

Derek Two Eagle

Coming by way of New Mexico, Derek Two Eagle, age 21, is repping the Rosebud Tribe. He wants to share the knowledge he’s gained over the years to help guide younger generations to attain a great education. That’s why Derek is very passionate about helping others who need help. He uses his tough childhood as motivation to keep pursuing his education and dreams. Stepping up to the leadership role is nothing new to Derek, as he was a team captain for his cross country team. He loves to stay active with sports in general, but also likes to chill out and read, play video games, and hang with friends to share different ideas. Please welcome Derek to the We R Native team!

Elijah Buck

Elijah Webb, Nez Perce (ID)…This buckaroo hails from the mighty Nez Perce tribe in Idaho. Being a We R Native Ambassador was not his first option, but talk about stepping up to the plate, or in Elijah’s case, wrapping your hand tighter around the bull rope and letting it buck! He noticed there were a lot of problems going on in his community, especially with the youth. He’s going to make change by taking the leadership skills he’s learned and applying them to his community. Elijah is going to take his cowboy mentality to encourage other youth to do positive things. Be on the lookout for this young whhhhipper snapper. Let’r’buck!!!

Erika Ramirez

Erika Ramirez, Muckleshoot, wants to be a voice for her people. Being a We R Native Ambassador will enable Erika to do just that. Erika already gives back her time and attention to her community in many ways, including helping to organize potlatches, graduations, and the 50th anniversary of Head Start. These projects are just a few ways in which Erika shows her hard-working and determined attitude. She will bring these attributes to We R Native over the next year, helping to promote it to other teens and young adults. Watch out for Erika and We R Native in a school, community, or conference near you!

Faith Baever

Faith Baever, Tlingit/Aleut/Inupaiq, age 18, absolutely loves Native American culture, all kinds. We R Native is very excited about Faith’s enthusiasm about not only her culture, but as she states, “all kinds”. Her experiences, her culture, and knowledge about what’s going on in the Native community will help her reach out to other native youth. The skills she possess, determination, creativity, and passion will shine as she represents We R Native. Some of Faith’s hobbies include painting, art, acting, and snowboarding. Please welcome Faith to the We R Native team.

Gloria Simmons

Gloria believes that she can make a difference in her community. Using her wild imagination and the skills that We R Native is teaching her, she will do just that. Gloria is already making a difference, having started an afterschool program, Native Americans Who Make a Change (NAWMAC), at her school. NAWMAC is a group that helps the community through projects such as Adopt-A-Road, making Easter baskets at the local senior center, and collecting and donating clothes to a homeless shelter in Seattle. Participating in such activities improves her attitude and makes her a better person. Gloria enjoys being a leader, because she gets to be a role model for younger kids. When not serving in her community, Gloria participates in fast pitch, cheer, and likes to spend time with her family. Check back with We R Native soon to see Glorias impact as she provides feedback for new content and contests in the coming year.

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