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This is a question many people before you have asked and one that will continue long after…how do you make sure you don’t to get in the friend zone.   Here’s a couple tips: Make sure you don’t get in the friend zone by moving towards romant...Read More

Well, first good on you for wearing your masks when you’re out.   Sorry, but your brother is right on this one. You should treat your mask like a biohazard: Don’t let it touch anything, especially things like the kitchen counter or coffee table ...Read More

Hey there. Well, there are a couple things to keep in mind.   First thing, you’ll need to register with your tribe. Second thing, not all tribes and tribal members receive dividends or revenues.   So if you haven’t already registered with your ...Read More

I love this idea!   Ribbon skirts are about women being empowered and remembering our sacredness, Tala Tootoosis shares that “It’s teaching them [women] to be empowered and that they already are resilient. Women already have power. A woman is prote...Read More

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