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Danielle Solberg

Danielle, Confederated Salish and Kootenai/Lakota Sioux, was an ambassador last year, and is ready to speak on behalf of Native issues and inform others about our cultures.

No other organization has provided me with the resources and necessary skills that We R Native has, and I hope to gain more knowledge and expand my amount of experience with the help of We R Native. It is essential in times such as now to educate those around us, and as a college student, I can vouch for the idea that the general population still needs a better education in regards to Native culture. I hope that I can be the one who helps educate them. I'm passionate about sharing knowledge! That's cliche perhaps, though, I tend to be the annoying member of the group that knows a little bit about most everything and shares pointless "did you know" facts. However, if you get me talking about wolves, wildlife in general, politics, my culture, or anything in that spectrum of topics, you best be prepared to have your ear talked off. I don't intend to be annoying, but rather an educator that aids the education and level of intelligence of those around me. One major personal attribute I can contribute to the WRN crew, is a sense of self-motivation. As long as I can remember, I have motivated myself, from taking summer school by choice every summer, graduating high school at age sixteen, and attending college at seventeen. This motivation helps me carry out any promises made, get projects done on time, and ensure whatever needs to done, gets done.

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David Panther Mancina

David, Creek/Cherokee, wants to spread native culture around his community.

Out of all my family I am one of the only ones who can speak my native language. I am passionate about my native roots and my native language.

Ei-Shah Pirtle-Boise

Ei-Shah, Warm Springs/ Wasco/Siletz, is passionate about her culture.

I am The Miss City Of roses (Queen) And I love to be involved in my traditions and culture. Whether it be helping out at school and teaching culture, I want to be involved in continuing our traditions. I was told once by an elder at the Siletz's culture camp that I can change the seventh generation, which is one reason I wanted to become a WRN Ambassador. I want to be a leader and someone that is looked up to in my community. I am not only a future leader, I am also a leader now :) I am willing to learn and always wanting to teach.

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Emerson Billy

Emerson, Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, is very passionate about teaching and leading his peers down the right path.

Most of the teens in my community look up to me as a leader and fine role model who can inspire other Native youth. I am very passionate about sharing everything with others in my community, but most importantly, I am more passionate about sharing that the Native youth are not in it alone. Some of them are very frightened that they will not graduate out of school or they will never see any potential in themselves that they have but they do. I want to promote that Native youth can really make it and become successful in their lives no matter the difficulties they face.

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Erin Miller

Erin, Oglala Lakota Sioux, loves to help guide Native youth in the right direction and to encourage them to follow their dreams.

I'm passionate with sharing the awareness that's happening in community, such as bullying and suicide. By doing so it can help make the community a better place. One skill I have that I can bring to this position is coming out of my comfort zone to talk about touchy subject to the community. With this skill I can show the community not to be afraid to come out and talk about the way they feel or a subject that's hard to talk about.

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Eurick Yazzie

Eurick, Navajo, wants to be able to help find solutions to certain problems and issues in his Tribe.

I am already taking the initiative to help others, give others advice, be there for others, talk, communicate. My hope is that through being an ambassador I'll be able to continue what I am already doing but on a bigger level. I want to be able to promote the We R Native organization to other youth who can utilize its help and resources for the many problems they face. I've spoken to many other kids my age who come to me for advice and at times I feel as though I don't have the information or advice to give to them. But I've seen that through the website there are many components within that are there to help individuals in times of need. My hope as an Ambassador is to promote the We R Native organization, help others, spread awareness and again, do what I'm already doing but on a bigger scale. I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge, a little more insight and input for topics that trouble my home community. As I've said before, I have spoken with many individuals who suffer with personal problems at home or by themselves. I'm greatly passionate about helping others not only in my community, but to anyone who needs it. I'm someone that people can talk to and come to for comfort. That's something I enjoy doing for others. A personal skill I'll be able to bring to this position would be the attribute of being someone to talk to. I'm very social with others, and very talkative. I personally believe I'm a good communicator. That could be considered a skill for me.

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Gabrielle Fast Horse

Gabrielle, Rosebud Sioux, has got ideas and wanted to be a WRN Ambassador to influence her peers, her family, and her community.

On my reservation there is a lot of bad influences such as teen pregnancy, gangs, bullying, and drug use. A lot of kids are growing up to know those influences. My niece is a sweet girl, and I would only want for her to have a good role model. But my goal to be an influential person and role model to not only her but every kid in the surrounding area. I want to be the change in my reservation. One thing I'm passionate about sharing with others in my community is having talent or being skilled at certain things like arts and sports. Even sharing the knowledge that drugs and peer pressure is a bad thing for kids.

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Gabrielle Norte

Gabrielle, Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeño Indians, is all about setting positive examples for her fellow tribal youth.

I'm highly dedicated to my education, to staying drug and alcohol free, and to advocating to youth that they can do anything they set their minds to. In a way, I've always been an ambassador and have always wanted to promote the well being of Native youth everywhere. The thing that I am most passionate about sharing is storytelling. I am a Media Production major and I hope to become a director/writer/producer for narrative film and television. My whole reason for pursing this in higher education is so that I can bring better representation to Native Americans in the film and tv industry since we have historically been grossly under- or misrepresented. I want to share with my community that the problems on our reservations are partly due to the fact that Native youth don't see themselves represented on their screens, and therefore, believe that they cannot be the people they see. If they cannot see it, they cannot be it. I want to change that and that's exactly what I'm working to do. I'm an extremely driven person. This is especially true when I have a camera in my hand and I'm creating videos. I have always had the drive to want to create and change things, and ultimately, I believe that has gotten me to this point in my life. When I have a goal, I will not stop until I reach it.

Glorianna Jaramillo

Gloriana, Isleta Pueblo, is passionate about contributing to her community by preserving and encouraging her native language (Tiwa) and her traditional ways.

I really enjoy traveling and being able to explore new places and meet new people from other communities and tribes. I believe it is important to spread awareness about things that are affecting our communities before they worsen. I know I have a voice in my community, its a great feeling to know that I can help make a difference, even though I am just one voice, I hope it can mean something to someone, even if it's just one person. Some skills I bring to this position is having a strong voice. In my community, I am able to help those who are afraid of not being heard, to help acknowledge their opinions. I am a very outgoing person once I break out of my shell.