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Louisa Harjo

Louisa, (MVSKOKE (Muscogee/Creek)), believes in creativity .

"One thing I am passionate about is art as a form of expression. I aspire to share how important art expression is important to our indigenous/Native cultures. Whether, its beading, painting, drawing, sewing, film, photography, or any kind of media, we can share our culture. Art helps keep our traditions alive and thriving."

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Maiya Martinez

Maiya , (Spokane), believes in compassion.

"One thing I am passionate about is family and culture. I am a junior in high school I love competing in sports and working with a team. I enjoy the time I get to spend with other Native youth and I am grateful for the opportunities I get to go to conferences with my youth council."

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Maria Palma

Maria, (Cherokee Nation), believes in being friendly and likes to stay organized.

"One thing I am passionate about is photography and my culture . I do well in crowds and I'm not afraid to speak the truth."

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Marlyee Friday

Marlyee, (Eastern Band of Shoshone), believes in working hard and having a good work ethic .

"One thing I am passionate about is making lives better within our community and another thing I'm passionate about is my schooling. I just like doing activities and really like meeting new people."

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Michelle Schuman

Michelle, (Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa), believes in positivity and open-mindedness.

"One thing I am passionate about is school and sports."

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Miranda Matt

Miranda, (Confederated Tribes of Colville) , wants to make an impact in her community.

"I’m Miranda, and I’m passionate about being apart of my tribal youth council where I serve as our president.I come from a small town in Washington state where our people are labeled as “ drug addicts, drunks, and gangsters”. I want to show the people how it is wrong to label us Native Americans, as those negative terms. We’re more than a label. I also like to stay active in our community by planning/hosting events that get's everyone involved."

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Montana Littlehead

Montana, (Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma) , believes in respect and culture .

"One thing I am passionate about is my culture and family . I'm very respectful and caring about my traditions."

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MyKennah Lott

MyKennah, (Northern Arapaho) , believes in resilience .

"One thing I am passionate about is clean water. I'm committed to ensuring the healthy development and well-being of our youth and elders."

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Nataylia Richardson

Nataylia, (Barona Band of Mission Indians), believes in hope.

"One thing I am passionate about is mental health / elders. I just want to help our Native people. I know I was born to do this as dramatic as that sounds."