We R Native Ambassadors

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Noah Barraza

Noah, (Yaqui), believes in film as an expression of art.

"One thing I am passionate about is film making. I have a 3 year background working with media in my Native community."

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Patricia Christensen

Patricia , (Salish Qlispe), believes in community involvement .

"One thing I am passionate about is Native culture. I’ve been drug and alcohol free all 16 years of my life. I sing. I teach Salish to elementary kids once a week. I have 6 siblings. I care about influencing Native youth to live healthy lifestyles and keep in touch with their culture. Our culture is dying out and it’s the youth’s job to learn it, then teach it that’s the only way it will survive. That’s why I want to be an ambassador, so I can help keep our people strong."

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Raeanna Connor

Raeanna, (MCT White Earth Nation), believes in determination and passion.

"One thing I am very passionate about is culture and education. I am currently learning the language and traditional ways of our people. In addition to passion and determination, I am also very involved in my school and community."

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Roy Nicol

Roy, (Nooksack), is a very determined person who can also speak in public. Being very charismatic and a team player, Roy can resolve conflicts in a calm and respectful manner.

"One thing I am passionate about is music and staying involved in tribal activities.(pow wows, youth conferences, teen summits, and canoe paddling). I also like to play the ukulele."

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Ryan Stanley

Ryan, (Lumbee), believes in educating/speaking about his Native heritage.

"One thing I am passionate about is Native people . All my life I have been dedicated to making the world a better place for Indian people in hope that one day my children will not have to endure the same ignorance I have faced everyday."

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Ryheim Baker

Ryheim, (Haliwa-Saponi), believes in having a postie image of herself and her people.

"One thing I am passionate about is my Native American culture and education.I am very deep within my culture. I bead, dance, sing, drum, and many other crafts. I have a very strong belief in the old way of things. I also love telling people about my people because not much isn't known about us."

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Sade Cortes

Sade, (Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohican Indians) , believes in keeping the traditions of her people going through dancing.

"One thing I am passionate about is art and love. Mainly dancing, stepping out there when the sun is low and my heart goes with the rhythm of the drums and my feet lift off the soft grass. I start to dance like art and my imprints are the painting of my picture. I'm a hard worker and will like to explore more tribes. Currently I am smoke dancing for Oneida and traveling with the group."

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Salena Phair-Gomez

Salena , (Lummi Nation) , believes in being ambitious.

"One thing I am passionate about is clean homelands. I have been part of the Lummi youth canoe family for about 6 years, and I have gotten the chance to travel the world to make a change and share a little about our culture as a Lummi youth. I have also been a canoe puller with Autumn Rose canoe club for almost 10 years. I grew up on the waters and if I wasn't on a canoe, I was on a boat with my parents while they were fishing. My connection with the water is very deep. I have always wanted to help make a change for my people and the people around me. Keeping care of the earth for the generations after me is one of my passions.I just want the best for the future generations and I feel as though I would be a great asset to the We R Native Team."

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Samarah LaFountaine

Samarah, (Colville), believes in helping her community .

"One thing I am passionate about is Family . I have represented many powwows as royalty and by doing that I had to travel and speak in front of people and get to know more things about other communities and people. I am a member of the Omak tribal youth council. I work a lot with elders and children and I help my youth council by setting up events for the community. I would love to see a big change in my community as well as others."