We R Native Ambassadors

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Sarah Stedtler

Sarah, (Nipmuck), is very passionate about Native issues and spreading awareness and information about heritage.

"One thing I am passionate about is my tribe, my culture, and my family. I love to fancy shawl dance for my tribe and I admire the messages We R Native shares, I would love to be a part of this organization and be able to represent it!."

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Summer Kirk

Summer, (Klamath Tribes), believes in being organized .

"One thing I am passionate about is academics!. I love to swim, spend time with family, and volunteer!"

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Taneesha Marquard

Taneesha , (Muckleshoot), believes in communication.

"One thing I am passionate about is family. I'm interested in learning more about our people and our history."

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Taryn Williams

Taryn, (Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe), believes in caring and being friendly .

"One thing I am passionate about is my family. I am a 3 sport athlete, I graduated from John Casablancas modeling school, and I am in the ITA technology program."

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Tayton Leyva

Tayton, (Walker River Paiute Tribe), believes in positivity.

"One thing I am passionate about is being Native, and being a positive person who loves to spread the positivity. My life goal is working at Nike Headquarters designing shoes. I'm a college student currently majoring in Culinary Arts."

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Tigh Livermont

Tigh, (Oglala Lakota), believes in compassion & leadership.

"One thing I am passionate about is helping others. I am the current Miss Oglala Nation Rodeo Queen, and my platform is empowering Indigenous youth to achieve anything they put their minds to. I enjoy student government and hope to run for a tribal council position someday because I want to help better the communities on my reservation."

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Tisimpsha Kee

Tisimpsha, (Navajo), believes in positivity and optimism.

"One thing I am passionate about is holistic health. I love to read and spend time outdoors."

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Trenton Old Horse

Trenton, (Oglala Lakota), believes in not being afraid to bring the most important issues to discussion.

"One thing I am passionate about is bettering my tribe and reservation for the livelihood of everyone. I really enjoy taking on leadership roles in my community because helping others makes me happy."

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Virginia Lambeth

Virginia, (Cherokee/Apache), believes in loyalty and honor.

"One thing I am passionate about is God and my family. I love God, my husband, my children, and my church. I love my Native heritage, as I am a fancy shawl dancer."