Aalana Bryant


Aalana Bryant

Pį:wa ! (Greetings !) My name is Aalana I am very passionate about the native youth of our generation my goal is to get them focused on having a successful education ! My culture is very important to me and I try to incorporate it in everything I do, I am also a beader, jingle dress dancer and proud member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe !

I recently found out I’m 1/8th Indigenous on my mom’s side and want to learn more about my tribe. When I ask my mom, she says I’m not enough blood quantum and should learn about ALL indigenous cultures rather than our specific tribe (which she won’t tell me) if I’m interested. Even when I ask for other family’s contact info, it’s a toss up on whether or not they’ll even acknowledge me because I’m trans. What do I do?

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