Adryanna Armstrong


Adryanna Armstrong

Adryanna, (Lake Superior Band of Chippewa Indians), believes in being a people’s person. She would like to change her community in ways it’s never been changed. It’s hard for people to hear her voice in her community & she’s hoping this will help get the word out about the changes she is going to see or make.

“One thing I am passionate about is change and becoming a better person than I was the day before.. I’m passionate about the future and I want to see everything in my community change. I want to see people do more cultural things like fish, hunt, gather, and spear. I want people to be more involved in our culture because every year I see kids lose more interest in the culture. Last but not least, I love nature & travel. I love to just go out and visit new places & to meet other Native Americans & hear about their interest’s & outlooks on life as a Native American. I love learning more and more about my culture everyday.”

How do I become a pow wow fancy shawl dancer ? I am 18 and I know how to dance inter tribal dances and my mom was a jingle dress dancer when she was younger and my grandmother was a fancy shawl dancer, how do I register?

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