Alexis Elmore


Alexis Elmore

Alexis, Pit River, imagines all Native youth living in communities, maybe a small town for example, and in that town they have citizens that are soaked in rich quality education about their culture.

This is the ideal idea i strive for in the small heart warming community i live in and near by towns. But sadly it is not much like that. I live in a small town in Northern California called, Burney. As a young native American I see and hear all around me. Learning and picking up on things from my peers and elders. Even though I maybe learning these lessons, others may not. As a member of my Tribe and community I can see that many youth don’t know much about our culture, and may feel different from the students around them. There are not many cultural classes and limited amount of influences in my community. I live in the home town of my tribe, The Pit Rivers. I believe being an Ambassador would heal and bring the Native American culture in our community together. It honestly shows that the youth need more of a cultural push to it. The youth need to feel more comfortable with their past, and their cultural scene that they don’t know much of. I feel it would be fun and beneficial for my small town to have this program in it. As a Ambassador i could communicate, teach, get youth involved and spread the word of We R Native. Living in a White, Mexican and Native American enclosed town, cultural diversity doesn’t come much to be honest. Even though with my age (15) I do show a great amount of actions and courage to bring our culture to the light. I feel passionate to show it off also. I am highly passionate to share my courage and guidance to others and also a broadcast and taste of our heritage. I feel exposing our society with this, will help with racism and bullying that some youth can be facing. In the community as a young Native American woman I am able to show my cultural dancing, history and more. But the number one thing I am really proud to show is my dancing, along with the stories behind it and why it means so much to me. I feel it’s a personal and cultural action that I can express with them in a close way. I am a northern Buckskin Dancer, i travel to powwows in California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada. As a dancer I can see and respect other tribes culture and heritage. I feel that I am passionate about my heritage and I am easily able to broadcast it. Most of the beliefs of your tribe usually have stories that set examples and show what will happen if you don’t listen to your elders or parents. These stories are told and have morals behind them. Telling upon the history and meaning behind everything. But all the elders are passing away and don’t really pass on there culture much anymore. I have a great amount of knowledge on our local tribal history. Being a dancer I live with these stories to guide me through and help me avoid bad situations. I am also relate-able to most and just a bright soul so it makes me an easy person to communicate with. I feel that I would be a figure for someone to come to if needed or just a person to talk with. I also have experience of talking to groups of small and large amounts. Talking does come easily to me, I have been running and conducting the Native American Dd. Assembly since I was in 8th grade. I feel that I can contribute a great amount of things for this position.

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