Alycia Mora


Alycia Mora

Alycia, Seminole Tribe of Florida, age 16, is from the sunshine state. She is passionate about educating those who are not aware of what tribal people go through and how we thrive. Alycia knows the goal of We R Native and wants to promote what we stand for…… She wants to be a part of a community bigger than her own and wants to help and change the lives of her peers for the better. Serving as a wing leader, Alycia shows great self-management skills. During her role, she accounted for the whole group and made sure they were on point! Some of her hobbies include sewing, beading, basket making, and talking with her elders. Welcome to the team, Alycia!

I wanted to cleanse my house so, my daughter bought me white sage and an abalone shell, I did not have a feather but when I went out to my truck the next day or two, there was a feather laying on the ground by my truck. I have no idea what kind of feather

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Alycia Mora

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