Angelina SiJohn


Angelina SiJohn

Angelina, Coeur D’ Alene Tribe, would like to continue being a role model for the youth.

I want to continue representing my tribe and getting out there for my voice and everyone else’s who’s are silent to be heard. Becoming an ambassador is a good way to connect with other communities and you’re given the opportunity to help lead or assist events. I am passionate about being a leader. Nowadays usually kids just follow other kids and don’t be their own person. Sometimes it’s hard to be a leader and step up, but it’s the best thing to do when you’re from the rez being around drugs and alcohol most of the time. Being how my parents are, it’s not the path I wanted to follow nor take. Plus me being the oldest on both sides, it’s not an image that I want my younger siblings to see. I am a role model, leader and I’m motivating the youth to get more involved in positive activities around them and their community.

I recently found out, that I’m Apache. Is there a lost history in Mexico?

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