Blake Houle


Blake Houle

Blake, Yakama, believes that youth need to reconnect with the earth, animals and our environment.

We need to see the importance of it to help our future generations. I’m passionate about learning how we protect our natural resources. I want to be a voice to my classmates and family about caring for our Mother Earth and for people. One thing I can bring to the table is the ability to communicate. I can encourage other youth to become involved and to help knock off peer pressure when it comes to important matters such as our earth, natural resources, drug and alcohol use as well as promote suicide prevention awareness for all ages.

Hello. My name is Rosi. My mom is not native, but she’s Romanian and has dark hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. So has her mom and grandmother. My father is native (Oglala Lakota). I am very, very pasty white, with green eyes, and redish/blonde/light brown hair. I am very involved in my culture, but I still get those natives that treat me like some wannabe wasicu. It is not my fault that I am so white, and I cannot change my skin color, although many times I wish I could. How can I try to make them see that I am just as native as they are??

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Blake Houle

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