Brandon Lucei


Brandon Lucei

Brandon “Wind In His Hair’ Lucei, Warm Springs, Wasco, Yakama, Umatilla, Northern Cheyenne (OR), is as shy as they come, but once he opens up, you can feel the positive vibes he gives off. Since his freshman year of high school, he’s been involved in the school’s youth leadership group. Alcohol and drugs plague his reservation and he vows to make a change in his community by rallying other Native youth to join his positive movement. One way he expresses himself is through the art of graffiti. Some people have negative perceptions of graffiti, but Brandon knows there can be positive outcomes of this expression of art and he hopes to show people that in his tribal community. He shows his Native Pride by preserving his culture, heritage, and history and is always eager to keep learning.

Hi Auntie Manda and Uncle Paige, both my husband and I are Native and work in the helping field with Indigenous communities. We wanted to create a presentation piece that can be presented to our volunteers for going above and beyond. I know the teachings of the ribbon skirt but I’m not familiar with teachings of the ribbon shirt. Can you share a teaching that we can offer to go with our presentation piece? Miigwetch, Niawen, Marsii and Thank you. Sharon

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