Chasity Williams


Chasity Williams

Chasity, Colville, wants to gain knowledge about her Native American ethnicity through traveling and meeting Native youth throughout Indian Country.

I would share my knowledge and experiences with the youth in my hometown, and hopefully set a good example and show them that they are capable of doing big things outside of our small community. I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge when I learn new things; whether it be in art, math, sports, etc. I like to spread the knowledge to others to help them learn techniques or tricks that they may have never seen so that they can take it and advance in whatever it is that they’re doing. I am a very fast learning person, I am able adapt to mostly any situation and problem solve. I enjoy public speaking and meeting new people. I am also very creative and artistic, so I can come up with fun ideas for events or cool designs for advertisements to promote our cause!

I am a tribal member of the Cherokee nation. I work for the federal government. I do not want to get the Covid Vaccine because I believe it the dividing the of the two trails in the Hopi Prophecy. I want to get a religious exemption but where would I get that since my religion is traditional first nation?

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