Cheyennena Bedonie


Cheyennena Bedonie

Cheyennena, Dine/Blackfeet/Powhatan, age 24, comes to us from the state of California. She plans to bring the youth together to become strong willed and strive for greatness—and we have no doubt that she will. Cheyennena is passionate about learning and knows that knowledge is power and unity will make our bond even stronger. She has strong leadership skills and shows that by being part of the Youth Council: UNYLA (United Native Youth of Los Angeles). In this youth council she helped organize an evening outing, which brought outreach to youth through cultural, spiritual, and an educational perspective. Her hobbies include dancing, socializing, singing at powwows, sewing, and just embracing the beauties of nature. We are glad to welcome Cheyennena to the We R Native team.

Dear Auntie, I’m Russian/Cherokee. Unfortunately the Cherokee side of my family has turned their back on me because I’m "white". How can I find out what band of Cherokee I am? How can I connect with my culture if I don’t know it? Where do I star

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