Collin Church


Collin Church

Collin, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, has seen the work that We R Native has been doing for many years and has been inspired to get involved with the program.

I believe that We R Native has a very strong message they are relaying and that is exactly what the community needs where I am from. So many youth nowadays are being impacted by drugs, alcohol, sex related issues, and cultural identity. As a member of the We R Native team I will utilize my voice to help the youth around me and to provide more opportunities that may arise. I believe as an Ambassador you must also do more than be a voice and actually go out in the community and be an active participant in creating change in the community. As an Ambassador I will be that voice and be that active participant that inspires positive change. I am very passionate about helping others in my community to have healthier outlets in their day to day life rather than the negative alternatives that could follow. It is my goal to provide programs to help youth keep active and engaged in learning their culture while building fellowship with their fellow citizens. My passion however drives deeper and helps me fortify relations with the community and youth allowing me to know what needs to be organized or arranged to really help them as individuals. My skill is my dedication and determination to bring the community together. I am always looking for new and unique ways to get the community together to learn anything from language to S.T.E.M. I believe if you can get a community together then internal relations will build and the community will help each other grow and achieve more.

Who is Ray Natrall?

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