Danielle Solberg


Danielle Solberg

Danielle, Confederated Salish and Kootenai/Lakota Sioux, was an ambassador last year, and is ready to speak on behalf of Native issues and inform others about our cultures.

No other organization has provided me with the resources and necessary skills that We R Native has, and I hope to gain more knowledge and expand my amount of experience with the help of We R Native. It is essential in times such as now to educate those around us, and as a college student, I can vouch for the idea that the general population still needs a better education in regards to Native culture. I hope that I can be the one who helps educate them. I’m passionate about sharing knowledge! That’s cliche perhaps, though, I tend to be the annoying member of the group that knows a little bit about most everything and shares pointless “did you know” facts. However, if you get me talking about wolves, wildlife in general, politics, my culture, or anything in that spectrum of topics, you best be prepared to have your ear talked off. I don’t intend to be annoying, but rather an educator that aids the education and level of intelligence of those around me. One major personal attribute I can contribute to the WRN crew, is a sense of self-motivation. As long as I can remember, I have motivated myself, from taking summer school by choice every summer, graduating high school at age sixteen, and attending college at seventeen. This motivation helps me carry out any promises made, get projects done on time, and ensure whatever needs to done, gets done.

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