Darina Louie


Darina Louie

Darina Louie, Muckleshoot, is passionate about sharing her language with others in her community. It’s one of the many ways she contributes to her community. As a member of Native Americans Who Make a Change, Darina spends time making care packages for the homeless and foster children, cleaning roads on her reservation, and volunteering in the community. Darina will bring her outgoing and ever positive attitude to We R Native over the next year. Being a We R Native Ambassador will help Darina to continue the work she has already started while also improving her own skills to be a more effective leader in her community. Be on the lookout for her as she brings We R Native to others in her own community and others!

Hey! I’m someone who plays a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, and as a result, I tend to write a lot of fantasy worldbuilding. I’m writing a group of people who revere nature (called druids in-game) and have really powerful magic that allows them to befriend the wilderness, shapeshift into animals, etc. They live in nomadic hunter-gatherer groups, which I would describe as “tribes,” because it’s much faster than “small, tight-knit nomadic hunter-gatherer groups.” Is this usage of the word “tribe” offensive?

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Darina Louie

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