Elizabeth Gonzalez


Elizabeth Gonzalez

Elizabeth, (Tachi Yokut Tribe) believes in having great public speaking skills. Having taken theater classes, and being a part of my youth council for 3 years has helped me. I feel like this experience will help me as an ambassador.

“One thing I am very passionate about giving back to my community. Everything that I do or want to do connects to my community. The people I grew up around have shaped me into the person I am today, and I want to be able to give to those who are growing, and learning.. I am very active with sports, I play basketball, softball, and I wrestle. Those sports have taught me so many lessons in life, and I may be busy sometimes, but I am always committed to the things I do.

I was recently accepted into Fresno State and Sonoma State as a history major, and I am the first one in my family to be able to go to college, it gives me great pleasure to represent my family at state colleges.”

I am a sophomore in high school, and I really want to go to college. How do I save for it?

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