Eurick Yazzie


Eurick Yazzie

Eurick, Navajo, wants to be able to help find solutions to certain problems and issues in his Tribe.

I am already taking the initiative to help others, give others advice, be there for others, talk, communicate. My hope is that through being an ambassador I’ll be able to continue what I am already doing but on a bigger level. I want to be able to promote the We R Native organization to other youth who can utilize its help and resources for the many problems they face. I’ve spoken to many other kids my age who come to me for advice and at times I feel as though I don’t have the information or advice to give to them. But I’ve seen that through the website there are many components within that are there to help individuals in times of need. My hope as an Ambassador is to promote the We R Native organization, help others, spread awareness and again, do what I’m already doing but on a bigger scale. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge, a little more insight and input for topics that trouble my home community. As I’ve said before, I have spoken with many individuals who suffer with personal problems at home or by themselves. I’m greatly passionate about helping others not only in my community, but to anyone who needs it. I’m someone that people can talk to and come to for comfort. That’s something I enjoy doing for others. A personal skill I’ll be able to bring to this position would be the attribute of being someone to talk to. I’m very social with others, and very talkative. I personally believe I’m a good communicator. That could be considered a skill for me.

Dear Auntie I am half Dutch Irish and Cherokee. Is it possible for me to be accepted into the Cherokee reservation?

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