Gabrielle Fast Horse


Gabrielle Fast Horse

Gabrielle, Rosebud Sioux, has got ideas and wanted to be a WRN Ambassador to influence her peers, her family, and her community.

On my reservation there is a lot of bad influences such as teen pregnancy, gangs, bullying, and drug use. A lot of kids are growing up to know those influences. My niece is a sweet girl, and I would only want for her to have a good role model. But my goal to be an influential person and role model to not only her but every kid in the surrounding area. I want to be the change in my reservation. One thing I’m passionate about sharing with others in my community is having talent or being skilled at certain things like arts and sports. Even sharing the knowledge that drugs and peer pressure is a bad thing for kids.

I am white, but I live in an area that is between 3 different tribes on the PNW coast. I’m a teacher, and more than half my students are Native Americans. I love my tribal kids, they are the joy in my teaching hours. They bring such life and joy and happiness to school with them, always curious, always respectful, always ready to have fun and learn something new. Sadly, I’ve known several Native American parents and a child who died. I just learned about ribbon skirts, and I was wondering if it would be wrong for me to wear one in remembrance of them. I sew, and would really enjoy making a ribbon skirt – but I don’t know if that would offend my students, their parents, or their tribes.

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Gabrielle Fast Horse

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