Jonathan J. Arakawa


Jonathan J. Arakawa

Siem––We R Native Supporters,
My name is Jonathan J. Arakawa, tribal member of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, a federally recognized, sovereign treaty Tribe under the 1855 Point No Point Treaty, as well as a Tribal Government in the State of Washington. I am seventeen (17) years of age––I am considered a young leader not only in tribal community, but as well as the surrounding tribal communities. I have much passion for all of peoples and I make it my duty to serve them in the best regards possible.
I am authorized as the 3rd Elder of the Lower Elwha 1910 Indian Shaker Church, serving a term of seven years in January 2017––ordained by the Bishop and State Board Elders of the 1910 Indian Shaker Church Incorporation. As the 3rd Elder, it also entitles to be a spiritual leader in many different aspects. Helping when my people are in need, as well as through the tragic times our tribal communities face at one point or another throughout our life time.
I am also a member of the Elwha Youth Coalition, counting up to four, almost five years to serve our tribal youth and elders, from being a member of the Elwha Youth Coalition––but now I sit on the Executive Committee of the Elwha Youth Coalition from the Youth Sector area. Being in this area takes a big task to ensure our tribal youth are served properly in the School District, but within the Tribe itself.
I make it my duty to serve my people, it is the teachings that have been handed down to me to ensure that my people are taken care of––address the concerns of our tribal elders and youth, to be the voice for them when they do not have a voice. Because as Native People, we live in challenging two worlds in this modern day/world––with time evolving around us. Also, I take the lead within our cultural ways on the areas of the cultural/traditional aspects. Leading the songs from our ancestral homelands, the songs of my people––speaking on behalf of the Tribe when I am called upon.
Not only to serve the people, but to ensure we take care of Mother Earth. So much is going on with different things going on with Mother Earth––a lot of things are not right. It is our duty to protect Mother Earth, with all of the life and resources we are given by Mother Earth––we must take a stand for what wrong doings are going that will affect Mother Earth now, and in the future generations to come. To hand down the teachings of our ancestors––to not let those teachings be silent, to continue to teach our tribal youth so those teachings can be handed from one generation to the next.
In conclusion, my thoughts and prayers are continued for our Native Peoples, for Mother Earth, and for the culture and language of our Native Peoples that still has that living heartbeat, today. I am gratified and grateful to serve a purpose on We R Native and I hope I can help make a better change for our tribal youth now and for the next future generations.
Thank you – háʔnəŋ cən siʔam̕,

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