Justina Duran


Justina Duran

Justina, Apache, age


wants to help not just Native youth, but all youth refrain from drug and alcohol use. She wants to encourage them to go to school every day, engage with culture and learn about where they came from. She doesn’t want to see youth getting into trouble. Justina also wants to help Native youth go to college. She is in a youth group in her community and tries to help as much as she can to help her classmates, family, and her siblings to follow their dreams and encourage them to do better and greater things in life. Ultimately, Justina wants to help youth know that they do mean something and that they are here for a reason. “In today’s society, many youth think about suicide, and I want to help change that thinking.” Some of her hobbies are traveling, attending powwows, hanging out with friends, and doing make-up and hair. Please welcome her to We R Native team.

Hello! I work for a company that has a project they have titled "Thunderbird." We are not at all a Native-owned or operated company. I am worried that this is culturally appropriative. Is it?

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