Katie Spencer


Katie Spencer

Sago, Katie ni gya:soh , otahyo:ni: niwagesyaode: Gayogoho:no niwagohwejode. Hello, my name is Katie, my clan is wolf and my tribe is Cayuga. My reservation is Six Nations up in Canada but I live in New York. My mother has three kids, biologically, and I’m the only one that is learning our language and culture. I’ll be the first in my family to attend college after I graduate high school. I’ll be returning to Six Nations for a few years to attend Six Nations Polytechnic to learn my language and then hopefully I will attend Syracuse after to learn Native American history and education. After my schooling I plan on returning to my reservation to help out in it by doing anything I could to make it a better place my little cousins and elders. For any accomplishments I’ve achieved I have been on honor roll since the eighth grade, I am the president of the National Honor Society and one of my greatest accomplishments was when my History teacher allowed me to teach the class on the Trail of Tears and residential schools.

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