Kelly Begay


Kelly Begay

I’m a Navajo who lives in Pinon, Arizona who tries to help the kids far or near my community and I attend Youth Camps every year, I talk with young teens to continue in their education and do fun arts and crafts with the children. I won 2nd place competition at skills N.A.T.I.VE for individual demonstration of an art teacher. I want to use WRN to help my community and other communities in any way for their kids, there isn’t that much going on around here. I also attend N.A.C meetings and ceremonies to still have a connection with my people and culture.

We were always told that my great grandmother was apache. Her son,(my grandfather) and my mother half passed. And many of my elders have passed and the ones that are alive only recall that my grandfather did sing and speak in a native language when they were small. I understand that we are not recognized as native unless proved. But as far as the Apache being hunted. I feel like there aren’t any records even more so for the apache in Mexico. We know my grandmother was born in 1894 Guanajuato and passed in 1964 chihuahua. I guess my question is, how is there a way to research more Info in Mexico? And is there any help we can get.

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