Kelly McCoy-Adouko


Kelly McCoy-Adouko

Kelly , (Muscogee Creek Nation) , believes self-drive, commitment, and keep striving/thriving no matter what is the key to success.

“One thing I am passionate about is unifying the Native American race again.. My overall goal is to become a social worker for my tribe and to instill healthier habits for our upcoming generations. By doing this, we can reform and become a stronger race than we already are. Just by showing them healthier alternatives to mental health besides drinking or smoking. Create more activists within Indian reservations and communities. I want to become one of the top social workers not only in my tribe, but as an overall Native American social worker. I will always be striving to bring tribes together as one again and bring everyone together for a healthier race for many generations to come.”

Dear auntie my uncle is going crazy and he is verbally abusive to my auntie and my first cousins. Im scared of it becoming physical. I want them to move over here with me and they do too. How do I get them away from this?

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Kelly McCoy-Adouko

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