Kelly McCoy-Adouko


Kelly McCoy-Adouko

Kelly , (Muscogee Creek Nation) , believes self-drive, commitment, and keep striving/thriving no matter what is the key to success.

“One thing I am passionate about is unifying the Native American race again.. My overall goal is to become a social worker for my tribe and to instill healthier habits for our upcoming generations. By doing this, we can reform and become a stronger race than we already are. Just by showing them healthier alternatives to mental health besides drinking or smoking. Create more activists within Indian reservations and communities. I want to become one of the top social workers not only in my tribe, but as an overall Native American social worker. I will always be striving to bring tribes together as one again and bring everyone together for a healthier race for many generations to come.”

In Maine, many native children were taken and placed in non-native families up until the 1970s. I believe my late grandmother was one of these children, but I don’t know if these records were kept. How can we reconnect when there was so much displacement?

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