Koby Herbst


Koby Herbst

As a proud member of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, I like to help foster cultural connectivity in others who seek to learn about their own cultural background. Through my beadwork, quillwork, and handcrafted moccasins I have made it my goal to provide appropriate Native American cultural awareness to my local youth community. That’s not all I bring to my community though, as executive Vice President of my student body I work closely with many committees and clubs in my school to help make life in and out of school more enjoyable for my peers. In addition, I have volunteered my artistic talents to a nonprofit organization called Addison’s Army Against Melanoma where I continue to advocate for skin cancer awareness.

My boyfriend is native, but he’s fairly light skinned and his family separated from their tribe years ago. He isn’t confident in who he is and is always doubting his roots though we both know he is apache. How can I help him? What can we do to connect him

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