Laurie Wildcat


Laurie Wildcat

Laurie, Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, is a fast learner and positive role model. She wanted to be a WRN Ambassador to learn more about We R Native.

I see it around all the time and am interested in what services ambassadors would offer to our community. I love volunteering and helping our future adults know more about their culture and traditions. Hoping they grow up knowing the risks of drugs and alcohol. Knowing education is key and we can do it. I absolutely love spreading the word and being apart of something bigger and allowing my peers and acquaintances to gain experience, information and opportunities that I can offer them. I am passionate about sharing knowledge about our youth in the community and what we are doing to improve their future. What camps we can send them to, what clubs or sports to join, interaction, and so on. Communication with parents and students about what our youth can do, or where they can go is amazing. Anything I can do to be apart of community events or youth- I do it. Sharing my patience and time towards children is something we all need. Someone who understands children and can communicate that with parents. Someone who is willing to put time into events, expos, and field trips. Showing children what’s out there and new things to learn about. I’m passionate about several things, but majority is our youth and the future.

Is their truth that Historical trauma could be pass down genetically? If so what can we do to heal as Native Americans?

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