M'kya Bettega


M’kya Bettega

M’kya, Klamath-Modoc/Round Valley, loves being able to share her story and hear other stories from Native youth.

Being able to help the community is something I am very passionate about. Seeing the work that Ambassadors have done in the past makes me excited. I want to work with other Native Youth to see what changes or big things we can do together. I am passionate about sharing my ideas. By being an Ambassador I will be able to share my ideas and not be shut down. Just being able to say my thoughts and have others build off of them is going to be great! What is one skill or personal attribute you will bring to this position. I am a very outgoing person. Once I start talking in front of people all my nerves go away and I have fun with it. I am easy to get to know and I love meeting knew people. I feel like my willingness to want to speak as in public speaking and reaching out to the community is a helpful skill I’ll bring to this position.

My significant others grandmother on his fathers side is Cherokee from OK how can we prove this

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