Molly Rambeau


Molly Rambeau

Molly, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, wanted to be a We R Native Youth Ambassador because of the opportunities it will present to better herself and her community.

Currently, in the Cleveland Native community, there are few options for Native teens and children to educate themselves about their culture and history. Sadly, this is extremely common in relocation cities, but, nonetheless we resist this attempt of assimilation. I believe that becoming a We R Native Ambassador would help to revive my urban community and strengthen the younger generations ties to their Native culture. One thing I am extremely passionate about is learning, whether this be culturally, spiritually or in an educational setting. I think that having access to information about hardships that Native youth face, such as high rates of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, low graduation rates and high suicide rates, help us understand why our youth are affected in such ways and allows us to find possible solutions. Everybody deals with these struggles and I want to let our youth understand that educating themselves in their culture or classroom will help them in all aspects of life. One personal attribute that I will bring to this position would be my determination. I like to find solutions to problems and I don’t rest until that issue is resolved. My parents instilled this value and commitment in me and I have worked hard towards whatever goal I have that day. One long term goal I have is revitalizing the Native community and I won’t stop until I have successfully reached that goal, this is why I am determined to be an outstanding We R Native Youth Ambassador.

My kids are "part Cherokee" but I’m scared to take them to meet Native youth groups.

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