Oswaldo Martin


Oswaldo Martin

Oswaldo, Mam Maya, wants to introduce his Mayan culture and community to the larger Indigenous community here in the US.

From Alaska to Chile we cover a great expanse of land as Indigenous people and as Native peoples we share surprisingly similar burdens and issues. I want to be able to share my vision with my people that even though our cultures may be unique and vast we can all be proud to say that we are Native. I think as Indigenous people we recognize that we are different in our language and ways of life, but I believe Unity and Diversity can still coexist. I along with many other Interpreters in my community bridge the gap between cultures and as such I find my role to be a communication tool, an arbiter of culture, and an activist within the community. In the US you can find immigrant Mayan communities in states like CA, WA, NE, Fl, and IL. And this is only a fraction of the many Mayan communities and cultures who now call the US their home.

I am a 10 year old learning animation. But, I think I am too young, should I continue or wait?

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