Russell Iron Cloud


Russell Iron Cloud

Russell, Standing Rock, believes in empowering our youth and knows that they can have a bright and positive future.

I believe Native youth can accomplish anything and I want them to know they have older generations that support them their endeavors. One thing that I am passionate about is keeping our traditions and our tribal way of life with us that live within the city and within the urban areas. And for all of us to know that we are not alone in the cities. One skill that I will bring to this position is writing; I believe with well written words that we can empower our community. And I believe being positive no matter the situation is key.

I am a white woman of Ukrainian descent who has been involved in aboriginal ceremonies for the past 12 years. I have been so grateful to have more recently participated in a Ghost Dance and a Sun Dance and a Yuwipi ceremony. I am always careful to honour protocol and wear an appropriate long skirt (hard being 6 feet tall to find one long enough!). I have wanted to be as respectful as possible. I am curious if making a ribbon skirt or a dress to do Ghost Dance is allowed for a participant if they are not native. I have received very mixed messages. Some aboriginal people welcome it and find it extremely respectful and others have said it is appropriation. I feel the only dresses that are suitably long and modest are often from another culture- African, Mexican- unless I make something myself. Can you share your thoughts with me?

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