Takima Merritt


Takima Merritt

Takima, Klamath, is most passionate about the growth, prosperity, and the enhancements of his community through the youth, economy, and global appearance.

I grew up in a small town outside of Klamath falls called Chiloquin. I lived there for about 4 years until my mom and I moved out to our old family ranch. I proceeded to go to school in Chiloquin and still remain a presence there. Growing up I was an only child, and so I did a lot of thinking in my free time. I remember that I would ask myself questions that some adults I know at the time didn’t know the answers to. I found this troubling, for I knew that someone knew these questions. A couple years later my mom got married to a man and had three kids. By the time they got married I was old enough to sort of make up answers to the questions I had. As I went into high school I found out about philosophy, which in its purest form, is the acquisition and writing of knowledge. Recently I’ve began to answer my questions with some reliability. As I grew up, I began to ask more questions, these questions were geared more towards my community. My community, which is the Klamath tribes, went through a period of time in which our culture, and our people were hurt badly. We went through a series of events called termination, which, in a short summary, is when the government made an agreement with a younger generation of natives. The agreement was the trade of, a lump some of money, for the Native’s lumber rights. The younger generation ended up giving up their lumber rights and in the long run it hurt our communities economic stability badly. I wish to one day raise my tribe above the hurt and negligence to someday regain our lumber rights, raise our economy, and to reestablish us as a high ranking tribe once again. One skill I can bring to the Ambassador role, is the ability to speak politically. I also have ambition, perseverance and knowledge.

How do I deal with family members who treat me differently because I’m mixed and act ugly to my mom ugly because she’s not a tribal member?

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