Tyana Sam


Tyana Sam

Tyana, Navajo (Diné), wants to make a change in her community as an individual.

I was raised with my culture and language all around me. Now a days the Navajo culture and traditions are slowly fading. That’s what’s I want to bring back into my generation. Sharing the stories, teachings, language, and traditions into the next generation. It may take a lot to do but I’m willing to give it my hardest and to hopefully one day help my community in this way. Also being a role model to younger generation to encourage them into this program as well. Building this puzzle one piece at a time. I’m passionate about my language (Diné). I want to bring Navajo language back into my community. I live in a diverse area. I personally know people who want to learn Navajo the problem is that they don’t get as much help and guidance to that challenge. That’s what I want to be able to help with as well. Also bringing Navajo classes into other school districts where they don’t currently provide Navajo classes.I have one talent that I can tie into this position. That would be singing. I’m a local singer in my town. I can share my language through the words in the songs. Also there always a history and background behind those songs. I would slowly explain each rhythm, beat, pace, and word about the song. Encouraging others not to be afraid to share what you know with the world as well.

My father recently told me that our family has Comanche ancestors. Where to turn to find out the truth?

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Tyana Sam

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