Tyana Sam


Tyana Sam

Tyana, Navajo (Diné), wants to make a change in her community as an individual.

I was raised with my culture and language all around me. Now a days the Navajo culture and traditions are slowly fading. That’s what’s I want to bring back into my generation. Sharing the stories, teachings, language, and traditions into the next generation. It may take a lot to do but I’m willing to give it my hardest and to hopefully one day help my community in this way. Also being a role model to younger generation to encourage them into this program as well. Building this puzzle one piece at a time. I’m passionate about my language (Diné). I want to bring Navajo language back into my community. I live in a diverse area. I personally know people who want to learn Navajo the problem is that they don’t get as much help and guidance to that challenge. That’s what I want to be able to help with as well. Also bringing Navajo classes into other school districts where they don’t currently provide Navajo classes.I have one talent that I can tie into this position. That would be singing. I’m a local singer in my town. I can share my language through the words in the songs. Also there always a history and background behind those songs. I would slowly explain each rhythm, beat, pace, and word about the song. Encouraging others not to be afraid to share what you know with the world as well.

I wanted to cleanse my house so, my daughter bought me white sage and an abalone shell, I did not have a feather but when I went out to my truck the next day or two, there was a feather laying on the ground by my truck. I have no idea what kind of feather

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