Wyatt Wilson


Wyatt Wilson

Wyatt, Navajo, waned to become a WRN Ambassador to gain experience with blogging and social media and to provide a voice for those who feel as if they don’t have one.

I want to advocate and empower Native American youth on a larger scale, to share with people the success stories that come out of reservations. To do that, to showcase these individuals and groups of individuals, who inflict and create change – would be amazing. Who knows maybe I can start my own change. I am very passionate about advocating and empowering Native American youth, whether that be through educational endeavors or health endeavors pertaining to mental health, in whatever form that may take (social media posts, videos, photos, writing). From a personal standpoint, I’ve always had the aspiration to run and facilitate my own blog. I enjoy writing and taking pictures. It’s something about a personal blog entry and photos that carry with them memories, that peeks my interest.

I’m in foster care and I’m a Native, but I want to tap into my Native side and was wondering how would I be able to do so?

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Wyatt Wilson

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