Zion Santeo


Zion Santeo

Hi I’m Zion, The tribe I belong to is the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and have at least 5 other tribes in my blood. I’ve strived for knowledge, I am learning sign language, Spanish and Italian. I play instruments, do art and sewing which I’ve recently learned how to sew lines of beads to make bracelets. I play mostly piano, and an ocarina (a Chinese flute). I’m a history buff, and am working on becoming a teacher. My tribes are from Arizona and Oklahoma, I lived in southern California all my life, and now live in Ks. I have a large family and want to make a difference in people’s life more than anything and make everyone I meet smile at least once in a day.

A feather from my living room was found in my bedroom. I’m looking for the significance of such an act.

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