Comparing Birth Control Methods

Some methods are more reliable than others. Out of 100 women who have vagina-penis sex, how many will get pregnant in the first year using each of these methods?

Abstinence (IF used consistently and correctly 100% of the time): 0 women pregnant

(male or female): 0 women pregnant

Implant: 1 woman pregnant

: 1 woman pregnant

: 3 women pregnant

Pill, Patch or Ring
: 8 women pregnant

: 15 women pregnant

: 16-32 women pregnant (women who have already had a
child are more likely to get pregnant while using the sponge)

Female Condom:
21 women pregnant

Fertility Awareness Method: 25 women pregnant

(“pulling out”): 27 women pregnant

Sex using NO protection
: 85 women pregnant

Male Condom
: 15 women pregnant

Female Condom
: 21 women pregnant

Acknowledgement: This fact sheet was adapted from, a website that provides education about reproductive and sexual health.

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Comparing Birth Control Methods

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