Cope with Things That Remind You of Trauma

Our brains are always scanning the environment for danger. When we have experienced trauma, our brains may be on high alert, which can cause us to feel frightened, panicked, or numb when something reminds us of the trauma. Knowing how you will cope with your trauma triggers can help you feel more in control.

To cope with triggers, first identify what triggers you. You may not be able to identify all of your triggers but listing them out can help you to determine if they are something you can avoid- like movies with certain scary scenes.

Notice what your body needs in those moments of feeling triggered. Help your body realize it is safe by trying to bring it back into balance using the strategies previously mentioned in Healing from Trauma or doing mindfulness meditation, deep breathing, calling a friend, or thinking about things that comfort you (ex: “You are safe. You know you are safe because you can leave.”). Once we feel like we can cope with our triggers, we feel like we can go through our daily lives more freely.

Please visit Healing from Trauma for more resources and tips for healing from trauma.

Remember you are not alone, and please always seek help if you need it.

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