Finding Balance in Your Day-to-Day Activities

Trauma often throws us off- mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically- but there are many things we can do to come back into balance. If you notice that your body feels like your energy levels are turned up, consider doing calming activities that help turn your energy down. Try to do calming activities that include all 5 senses, for example:

  • Burning a candle that smells nice or smudging (sense of smell)
  • Sitting in a quiet room or listening to calming music (sense of hearing)
  • Wrapping yourself in a fuzzy blanket or focusing on feeling the sensation of your feet on the ground (sense of touch)
  • Looking at your room and noticing something pretty (sense of sight), and
  • Drinking herbal tea or eating a healthy tasty snack (sense of taste)

If you notice that your body feels like your energy levels are turned down, try to do stimulating activities that help turn your energy up, for example:

  • Applying a scent, like peppermint oil, that makes you feel awake (sense of smell)
  • Listening to energizing music or calling a friend to chat (sense of hearing)
  • Stretching your muscles or taking a shower (sense of touch)
  • Watching a funny movie or taking a walking in nature (sense of sight), and
  • Eating a healthy snack or chewing gum (sense of taste)

The goal of these activities is coming back into balance, so you can think and act using a clear mind and calm body. Also, doing these activities can help you reduce stress and make you feel a sense of spiritual connection.

Please visit Healing from Trauma for more resources and tips for healing from trauma.

Remember you are not alone, and please always seek help if you need it.

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