Honor Your Needs

To give yourself the energy you need when you face a difficult moment, focus on meeting your basic needs:

  • Sleep – Create a calm bedtime routine and try to stick to a daily sleep schedule.
  • Eating – Have regular healthy meals and snacks to give you energy.
  • Relaxation – Pick an activity that is calming and do that activity daily.
  • Friendship – We all need a support system. Make time to connect with your support system.

If you are unsure of what some of your other needs are, try listening to your emotions. Our emotions are there to give us information about what we might need. When you notice a strong emotion, ask yourself, “what do I need right now?” You might need a hug, a quiet space, or a few deep breaths. Then, honor your needs and don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who is trustworthy.

Please visit Healing from Trauma for more resources and tips for healing from trauma.

Remember you are not alone, and please always seek help if you need it.

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Hey! I’m someone who plays a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, and as a result, I tend to write a lot of fantasy worldbuilding. I’m writing a group of people who revere nature (called druids in-game) and have really powerful magic that allows them to befriend the wilderness, shapeshift into animals, etc. They live in nomadic hunter-gatherer groups, which I would describe as “tribes,” because it’s much faster than “small, tight-knit nomadic hunter-gatherer groups.” Is this usage of the word “tribe” offensive?

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