Internal Condom Instructions

***Remember to always check the expiration date and package of any condom product to make sure that the item is safe to use! Expired or compromised condoms can affect product quality and/or durability, possibly resulting in an unintended pregnancy and/or STI transmission.***

How to Use an Internal Condom (Video):

Insertion Directions

Internal condoms can be used for vaginal AND anal snagging! HOWEVER, there are 2 different ways to prep the condom for each use so read closely:

  1. Open the package carefully once item is deemed as safe to use (note: some internal condoms may already come lubricated; additional lube is welcome depending on you and your partner’s preference – extra lube can be added inside and/or outside the condom plus directly on the vulva or anus).
    1. Anal sex: remove ring on closed end of condom (called “inner ring”).
    2. Vaginal sex: keep ring in tact.
  2. Relax and get into a comfortable position. Common faves:
    1. Standing with 1 foot on a chair.
    2. Lying down.
    3. Squatting.
  3. Insert the internal condom.
    1. Vaginal sex: squeeze together the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the condom and slide it in like a tampon. Push the inner ring into your vagina as far as it can go, up to your cervix.
    2. Anal sex: gently push the condom in with your finger.
  4. Make sure the condom isn’t twisted. Pull out your finger and let the outer ring hang about an inch outside the vagina or anus. You’re good to go!
  5. Hold the condom open as the penis or sex toy is going into the condom to make sure it doesn’t slip to the side between the condom and your vagina or anus.

Removal Directions

Please do NOT flush used condoms down the toilet, place in garbage disposal, bury it outside, litter, or throw it in recycling. Doing so could cause clogging (which could reveal the item if a plumber is called), hurt the land, plant, and animal relatives, or your favorite rez dog will find it and want to show it off to others.

Some examples of discreet and safe disposal include wrapping the used condom in tissues, napkins, toilet paper, empty fast-food bags, and/or a paper towel to conceal it in the trash can; consider burying it closer to the bottom (but not all the way) and surrounded by debris (especially if you use clear trash bags); be mindful of taking out the trash as well since dried semen may generate a faint odor (“why does it smell like someone just snagged in here”), however be careful if you don’t clean your room often as the act could be questionable by adults too.

  1. If there’s semen (cum) in the condom, twist the outer ring (the part that’s hanging out) to keep the semen inside the pouch.
  2. Gently pull it out of your vagina or anus, being careful not to spill the semen if there is any.
  3. Throw the used condom away.

Condom Shopping Guide

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Internal Condom Instructions

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