No Method: Wishing and Hoping

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Wishing and hoping is not really a method. It doesn’t work!

How effective is it in preventing pregnancy?
NOT effective at all! 85 of 100 couples would be pregnant by the end of a year—this is the same pregnancy rate as those who are trying to get pregnant.

How effective is it in preventing STDs?
NOT effective at all! There is zero protection from STDs or HIV.

Other Things to Know about having NO METHOD:


  • Some people may want to get pregnant, or cause a pregnancy


  • Not being in control
  • Pregnancy as a teen/young adult makes it harder for both mothers and fathers to reach their goals
  • Pregnancy often stresses a relationship
  • STDs can make you (or your baby) sick

Acknowledgements: This fact sheet was adapted from, a website that provides education about reproductive and sexual health.

Special Thanks: Melissa A. Habel, MPH, Health Scientist
Division of STD Prevention Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

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