Safer Chest Compression Brands

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New to chest binding or been doing it for years? The retailers listed below sell binders with soft, breathable fabric designed to safely compress your chest and relieve gender dysphoria:

  • gc2b was founded in 2015 and sells binders in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns.
  • Underworks has been around since 1997, and their chest binders and compression tops have also been widely recommended in the trans community.
  • Spectrum Outfitters is a UK-based brand founded in 2017 that offers long, short, and medium chest binders in a range of colors.
  • UR.SLF offers a Breathable Chest Binder with a mesh back.
  • Fytist offers half- and full-length binders in four different colors.

For days off from binding or for doing activities that would be dangerous or difficult to do with a binder on, like exercising, singing, or dancing, wearing a compression top instead of a binder can help flatten the shape of your chest without constricting your breathing or movement. These are also good options if you already have a fairly small chest.

A good binder can be expensive. If you cannot afford or safely obtain a binder, here are some programs that provide free chest binders.

Point of Pride – The free chest binder program has two requirements:

    • You identify as transgender (FTM, genderqueer, non-binary, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, and every other non-cis identity within the trans umbrella.)
    • You cannot afford to purchase a binder, or you cannot safely obtain a binder.
    • Application

The Binder Project – Three entrants are selected at random each month.

FTME Free Youth Binder Program – This program is for folks 24 and under. Binders are awarded on a lottery basis.

Brother 2 Brother Binder Program – This program has three requirements:

    • You identify as black and trans masculine
    • You are 16 years of age or older
    • You are either unemployed or can demonstrate financial hardship

To learn more about binding, check out these resources:

Author: Chloe Runs Behind (they/them) is an Indigequeer artist and organizer with Northern Arapaho and Filipino roots, living, loving, and dreaming of better worlds on occupied Séliš and Qlispe land (so-called Missoula, MT).

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