Story of Rock

In the beginning, the Creator was lonely and decided to create the Mother Earth, and upon her — the plants, fire, water, the four-leggeds, winged ones, those that swim, and then finally the two-leggeds, The People.

The Creator said “there is something different and special about the two-leggeds, because they will have strong, deep feelings and thoughts, but also this will mean they will feel intense pain, sorrow, and hurt.” In The Creator’s wisdom, he/she knew there would be times when the pain, sorrow, and hurt become too much for The People, and they feel that they can no longer carry these feelings with them. The pain would be too great. So the Creator gave the two-legged something strong, something durable, something so solid it was strong enough to take and carry the pain for the two-legged.

The Creator gave them Rock. It is strong, durable. You can put Rock into the fire and it remains the same. You can throw Rock in the water and still it holds together strong. Rock will be strong enough to carry those messages back to The Creator when the pain becomes too heavy for the people. Creator said, “This is my gift to The People, you don’t have to carry your pain alone. Give it to Rock and Rock will carry that pain and give me the message to help with you healing.”



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