If I haven't logged on to an online class, does it mean I would be dropped from the class?

You’ll want to check with your University’s policies. There might be an automatic withdrawal if you don’t login by a certain time, but I doubt it. Usually if you’re enrolled, you’re enrolled. That means you’re responsible for tuition and posting. There are clear tuition deadlines for when you can drop a class with no penalty, when you have to pay partial fees, or when you have to pay the whole shebang…so you should check that out. Just go to your university’s website. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just give them a call.

I’ve taken a lot of online classes and you usually have to post within the first week, though some classes are at your own pace (meaning you create your own schedule for posting). If you haven’t posted within the first week or so, you might login and look up the syllabus (class schedule). This will give you the posting schedule. I would also send an email to your professor letting them know your circumstances. They may give you some options, or will give you recommendations on how to proceed, like drop the class, withdraw, or take an incomplete.

Auntie Manda