Can non native people use sage/cedar for spiritual practices?

Can white people/ nonnative people use sage/cedar for spiritual practices?

I was taught medicine is something not to play around with. If you are unsure, or have questions please, please talk with a tribal elder or cultural leader. If using such medicine is not your cultural/ spiritual practice, traditions, way or value it could be viewed as wrong or as appropriation. More importantly you can make yourself or others sick.

There are a lot of cultures and nonnative practices that use cedar/sage for many different things. If these are some of your practices, then please continue to use as you’ve been taught. Natives don’t have a trademark or cultural domination of the two medicines.

If you are trying to use, based off what you’ve seen, witnessed or participated at a native event or gathering. Then I encourage you to take a step back and evaluate why you are considering using sage/cedar. If it made you feel good, and something you desire to continue. Then talk to the people who showed you the practice, try and understand before you just start using. Ultimately if you approach it with a good heart, and good thoughts you’ll find people are more receptive.

•Short answer, yes: there are plenty of practices that use sage/cedar in spiritual practices. If you fall into this category then I am sure you are fine.

•Short answer for no: if you are unsure, haven’t been taught properly or are exploring your spirituality without proper guidance. But don’t be dismayed please talk with a cultural leader/ spiritual leader to help navigate.

Take care,

Uncle Paige

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