My father recently told me that our family has Comanche ancestors. Where to turn to find out the truth?

My father recently told me that our family has Comanche ancestors. I’m anxious to find put if this is true so I can explore my heritage more closely. Do you have any suggestions on where to turn to find out the truth?

Thank you for reaching out. We get this questions fairly often. It is important, and I encourage you, to explore your identity. The fact that you are thinking about this is great. There are many ways you can do this and there is no correct way of starting. You can read about your culture, meet people in your community and Nation, listen to stories, engage in art and music, and in cultural practices with the guidance of elders/community members.

Start with an Internet search – a lot of tribes have official tribal websites where you can at least find a phone number to their tribal office. Give them a call, most tribes have someone there who can answer some questions for you.

Ask for youth events like; language classes, youth groups, community gatherings, in-school or after-school programs, elder lead groups, pow-wow/dance groups, or anything else you could get involved in.

Once you start to make connections within the community and make an effort, things will open up. Especially if you come with good intentions. Keep this as your focus.

Good luck finding your ancestors,

Auntie Manda

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