I’m just seeking some advice about getting mad…I need to know how to stop.

I’m just seeking some advice about getting mad and tending to punching a wall I need to know how to stop.

Thanks so much for your question.

It’s normal to feel angry every now and again. But it’s important that we manage our anger and find positive ways to express it. Anger can become unhealthy if we bottled up. When we don’t process our emotions they can come out in negative, unhealthy ways (like punching a wall or lashing out at others).

Think of some things that would work for you to help you manage your anger: Leave the situation that is causing your anger

  • Work off some steam through sports or punching a pillow
  • Strap on the headphones and play some tunes
  • Find a quiet place to clear your thoughts

It sounds like you’ve already found a friend who is trying to help you through this tough time. Talking to someone who knows and understands you can really help too. Just remember to respect your friends boundaries. If the situation is making them feel uncomfortable or distressed, it may be time to talk to an adult.

If you find that your anger is hard to control, it may be helpful to find support from a healthcare provider like a counselor or doctor. Speaking to a therapist can help you identify why you’re getting angry and find a positive outlet so you don’t resort to lashing out.

Auntie Manda

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