Dear Auntie, why do white people hate indians (people from india not natives?)

Well, most minorities around the world tend to be marginalized due to the effects of colonization, which is the establishment of control over a group(s) of occupiers of land.

Be critical about where or who you are getting this information or feeling from. What is the background to that story? Are these people and channels of information included in your daily experiences? If so, think about what you can do to change those influences in your circle. It is your choice who you want to keep in your circle. It is your choice what types of information you give your time to.

Ultimately, how you see this world is up to you. Decide what you want to give your energy to.

If you see or experience intolerant of another culture, it’s good to speak up! So good on you for writing in!

There are ways of doing this that might be better than others, so when you are talk to people, try to do it with patience and non-judgment. This will help the conversation.

Ultimately, you can’t change the way people think and feel. That is their job.

While you work through this process of determining your voice, here’s a couple tips that can help:

  • Find Your Voice – I’m a huge advocate of journaling. The process of writing down your own thoughts will help you develop your thought process and strengthen your voice for the times you need it…which is most of the time. Journaling can also help you to uncover all the thoughts you may have about this experience. There is power in knowing what it is that is causing you to feel bad, which is likely a slew of things.

There are also a ton of other benefits to journaling, like better sleep, stronger immune systems, more self-confidence, and higher I.Q.’s. When getting started – write about anything and everything. There’s no need to put too much thought into it – just start writing.

  • Model Your Strengths – it’s important to showcase your strengths…especially if you are a person of color (POC), which will give you a lot of strengths to tap into. It is important to be proud of where you come from. Continue to have confidence in this and know that if others have a problem with it – that has nothing to do with you.

I hope this helps. Good luck fighting the good fight! You’ve got a bunch of people who have your back.

Take care,

Auntie Manda

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